Reset Photon GUI. How?

Hello there,

I’ve been looking around and I simply cannot find how to reset the Photon GUI using whatever key combination…

Please help.



I guess you mean shift+ctrl+alt+backspace?

Yep, that’s what I mean, but I already found out. Thanks anyway :slight_smile: !

BTW: are there actually any QNX viruses as far as you know? The reason I ask is that I decided the go on-line solely under QNX in order to avoid as much Microshit as possible. I find QNX quite usefull and speedy to surf the web and fetch mail and stuff. The installation on my P-IV 2,0 Ghz took a few minutes and because my ST510 is “allways-on”, I am connected to the web instantaniously because my 3C905-TX is recognized immediately. No software limitations in that area. Even AbiWord is very usefull and you can easily print from that app. So for me there is acutally no reason at all why I still should risk my data going on-line under whatever M$ Win-flavour (I find all flavours rather disgusting to be honest :slight_smile:.

I used to have a SpeedTouch Home for which you need VPN software. My machine was constantly being scanned on ports 135, 137 and 445 under Win2K Pro, although I had taken my precautions. But all that is history now 8)

Currently there are no known viruses for QNX. I’m guessing this isn’t a feature request ! :slight_smile:

New feature request? Not really, thanks… :laughing:

Something else: just how do I enter “special” characters under QNX? I regularly write messages in French or Arabic or whatever, but I just can’t figure out how to enter the necessary characters. Isn’t there a “character map” tool?

The help function isn’t very usefull either, except for programmers perhaps :wink: .