Has anyone successfully compiled gcc-3.3.6, gcc-4.0.3, gcc-4.1.2 or gcc-4.2.1 on QNX?

I am using QNX 6.3.2+sp3 on an x86 and I am compiling them using gcc-3.3.5 which came with the Momentics kit. I compiled and installed newer versions of flex, bison,

The location that each fails is different. As far as 4.1.2 is concerned it seems to fail during the building of stage1. There seems to be a define for pid_t somewhere and it ends up overriding the typedef in stdlib.h. After seeing this I decided to call it a day.

My project requires the use of Lapack+Blas. I have installed fort77, f2c and libf2c and successfully compiled lapack-3.1.1 and atlas-3.6.0 but I am getting headaches due to blas related linking errors and would prefer to use g77 or gfortran instead.

Any information is welcome.

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GCC 4.1.3 in binary form is available at ajam.org.pl/

Don’t know if g77 is part of it though


Thanks for your reply.

There also seems to be a binary 4.2.0 which contains gfortran so I think I’ll check that out too. I’d love to know how they did this. I’m downloading them now.


Some additional information.

I downloaded the gcc binary, gcc-4.1.3-x86-public-qnx6.3.tar.bz2
and found that messages_members.h was missing. This file should be in,
I tried with a messages_members.h from a partial compile of 4.1.2 and so far it seems okay.