New laptops

Hey! I need a laptop that supports graphic and network drivers in QNX. It must be a new one that is still in production so I’m able to buy one. It also need to support 1280x1024(800?) res.

Do anyone of you knows one that will work?

Thanks alot! :slight_smile:

Get the 6.3 SP3 CD, go to your favorite store and try it for yourself.

I myself don’t bother with compability issue anymore as I use vmware.

I did that with a few acer laptops, without success :-/

I myself use a SONY VAIO, but with version 6.2.1 only. It’s worth a try, since I disovered that unless there is a complete change of hardware for the next generation, the manufacturer sticks to his supplier for internal hardware.

our company sells a DELL laptop with version 6.3 installed, but I have to check whether this runs under VMWare or just plain.

Mario I think VMWare is quite acceptable, bur far from being bulletproof anymore. So I use version 4.25 for the critical missions, and version 6.2.1 for fooling around.

Good luck to Alexbleks !
Regards Helge

I’m using a Dell D820 Dual Core machine which runs fine under Neutrino 6.3 SP3 - natively.

using vmware i run qnx everywhere i need. do so and you will have less pain in ass… ;)

What do you mean by far from being bulletproof?

Thunderblade, does your Dell D820 have Intel video?

by not being bulletproof I mean that you trade in the freedom of compatibility issues for a couple of WINDOWS related problems.
I myself am very happy I do not have to carry three computers around, but if the WINDOWS host “hangs”, QNX under VMWare on that host will stop too or at least it will slow down.
But I did not want to open a new thread for the pros and cons of WINDOWS.

kwschumm - yes my Dell D820 Latitude has Intel video onboard! The QNX driver supports widescreen mode, too.

Thanks for the info. Dell doesn’t make the D820 anymore and the D830 successor seems to offer only Nvidia video. But they had a “new, never shipped” D820 in their outlet store that has Intel video so I bought it. Hopefully it all works. I plan on using VMWare most of the time but it’s always nice to to be able to boot natively for sanity checks and testing.