route table

I don’t know what you are saying here. The distribution of IP addresses into Class A,B, and C has nothing to do with QNX, or the QNX CD. When an IP address starts with 10...* the network part of the address is 1 byte. That is why you are getting a default broadcast address of Unless you propertly set up en1 and en2 to be different subnets, the IP protocol will route all packets bound for any 10...* address to the same place.

I boot with complete QNX system and set the route as above,I check with "ifconfig -a ",the broadcast address of en1 and en2 is and,it’s not the

Does the fact that something that appears to be incorrect works somewhere other than your system, mean that something incorrect should work on your system? That is what you seem to be saying. I think the answer is no.

You can manually bring up the interface with your own broadcast:

ifconfig en1 netmask broadcast up
ifconfig en2 netmask broadcast up

Check below for details: … onfig.html

I find that all route is should be set with option “-nostatic”,without it it works wrong somtimes.