Download user program to FlASH using an ethernet connection

We have been developing a program for a PowerPC based processor board. We can download the loadable image to the Boot FLASH, and make it run when we use the QNX Monitor and a serial port connection.

We would like to be able to download the program image to FLASH via a ethernet connection that is also on the board; but can’t make it work. Is there a setting for the QNX IDE / Monitor that will make it talk to the FALSH thru the Ethernet connection instead of the serial port?

I don’t beleive the QNx monitor is meant to be used with ethernet. That being said you could create an image that contains an ethernet driver an all the necessary component to get network going, and a flash file system as well. Then install that image via serial port, then run everything else from the network afterward (copy files and so forth)

All you need is an ethernet driver that supports what ever hardware you have.

Right - qconn works over ethernet just fine (over tcp) and you can access the board from the IDE.