Code after a call to PtMainLoop


I am writing a GUI program and would like to clean-up after the user has closed the main window. I create the main window and widgets, then call the main loop:

int main()




return 1;


Code is never executed after PtMainLoop(), i.e. I never get to CleanUpCode(). I am assuming there is some event emitted when the main window is closed, which is captured by PtMainLoop(). Can I attach my own code when this event is captured? Or is there a way to have code executed after a call to PtMainLoop()?


You would like to set the Pt_ARG_WINDOW_NOTIFY_FLAGS according to your needs.
Then in the Pt_CB_WINDOW Callback you could check if the window has to be closed and clean up there.

A good topic for this is “Window Management” in “Photon MicroGUI-Programmers Guide”