which laptop?

as in the heading, which laptop for qnx 4.25??
impotrant for ethernet and pcmcia


I’m new as for QNX and I wonder why did u ask question like that? Isn’t possible to run QNX on every machine?


QNX does not come with driver support as wide as say Windows, so there are lots of machines on which QNX would not work at all, or maybe work OK, but no sound support, for example. Of course, no Operating System will run on everything, even Windows.

We run QNX4 under virtual machine on laptops for years. We use VmWare, because it’s virtual hardware fits for QNX4 drivers. VmWare interprets the wifi as normal ethernet adapter, the internal modem as normal serial port. The devices connected via USB are interpreted as traditional devices: network adapters, serial or parallel ports, floppy drives, CD readers etc.
I am convinced the virtual PC is the only surviving possibility for QNX4. It is also very useful if you want to switch between Windows and QNX. VmWare builds an internal virtual network among the host and guest computers, so you can simulate a whole QNX4 network inside your laptop! The state of the art laptops are fast enough not to realise, that your QNX4 does not run under a real PC.

That’s true for development environment but definitely not usable if you have any kind of real-time requirement which is what most people use QNX4 for.

Even the fastest PC today will not give you real-time if you run inside a VM.

I’ve been trying on and off for a couple of months to get QNX4 running under VMWare without success. When installing off of original floppies the install always hangs during licensing. When installing off the ISO it doesn’t get past licensing either. So… how did you get it running on VMWare? I know others have done this but it just doesn’t seem to work for me.

Mario, yes but do you think anyone who wants/needs to use QNX 4 on a laptop is concerned about real-time? I’m sure that it is possible, but most likely they want it for demo and/or development.

I agree Mitch. I wanted to comment on jpal’s statement “I am convinced the virtual PC is the only surviving possibility for QNX4”, which out of context of the dev machine is kind of bold ;-0

I did say using a VM is ok for a development machine ;-)

We installed QNX4 under VmWare from the original floppies. Even the license floppy was read correctly. I think, either your license floppy is demaged or the floppy drive doesn’t work correctly under VmWare.
After a succesfull installation you can clone your QNX4 by simly copying the VmWare image.

I did the following to install QNX4 inside VMware:

  • Installed from the CD / ISO and entered licenses for QNX + Photon by hand
  • Copied all our licenses from a real QNX4 machine with the “license” utility over the network
  • Started the installer from Photon again, and installed everything else (compiler etc.)

Some version of vmware have problem with floppy. However if you install from CD and it’s not accepting the licenses the problem is probably the license number :wink: I’d very surprise if the issue is with VMware.

QNX 4 works fine with VMware Workstation Version 5.5.4; installed from CD