Download old versions of QNX

Hello friends,

I'm making a review of TCP/IP implementations of RTOS systems. But, it's hard to find old versions of some OSs. Do you know where I can download old versions of QNX, like QNX4 and QNX2?

Att, Joao Medeiros.

These aren’t free OS and are not legally available. As for QNX6 you can get an eval version.

QNX2 doesn’t have a TCP (there is one but it’s an expensive 3rd party add on I beleive)

QNX4 and QNX6 stacks are based on NETBSD.


First, thanks for you reply. A don't understand one thing. Exists eval version of QNX4 and QNX2? If yes, how I can get?

Att, Joao Medeiros.


[size=59][color=gray]PS: If you really need QNX4 you can look for it in eDonkey net.[/size]

QNX had a mostly-experimental, internal version of tcp/ip for QNX2 that used a NE2000 style card but it was limited, rarely given out, mostly undocumented and unsupported. Trying to resurrect it at this point would be nearly impossible. As Mario said, the third-party solution used CMC cards that were extremely expensive and they stopped making those cards years ago.

Not that it matters all that much, but,
The first solution was the CMC card which implemented TCP/IP using an onboard processor.

QNX was working on an implementation with the plan of releasing/selling it, but they changed their mind. A few customers were able to crow bar it out of them. I believe it’s use was limited to one specific card.

Subsequently, there has been a 3rd party solution. I remember Uve selling is, and he may still.