QNX 4.25 network


I trying to setup a qnx machine to have 2 network cards; one for the qnx network and the other for a tcp/ip network but is battling to assign the network cards to their specific network service (qnx network and tcp/ip)

How would I do this?

Any form of help would be hugely appreciated!


I don’t know off hand how to do this, but I don’t see a problem either. If both QNET and TCP/IP are enabled on both ethernets, but one net is attached to QNX nodes, and the other to nodes with TCP/IP there should not be a problem.
I suppose if you were connecting two QNX nodes this way, and you wanted to segregate QNET and TCP/IP traffic, then you will have to do more.

Thanks QNX Master, got it right. Just needed a bit of inspiration!