Configuring for a radeon driver.

I just installed the latest 6.3.2 NC onto an x86 system.

It installed fine and I’m currently using the vesa graphics driver.
I would like to set it up to use a more appropriate readeon driver.

According to the pci command:
Class = Display (VGA)
Vendor ID = 1002h, ATI Technologies Inc
Device ID = 5974h, RS482 [Radeon Xpress 200]
PCI index = 0h
PCI Mem Address = d8000000h enabled
PCI IO Address = ee00h disabled
PCI Mem Address = fdef0000h enabled
PCI Expansion ROM = 0h disabled
PCI Int Pin = INT A
Interrupt line = 11
CPU Interrupt = bh

How do I configure it to use the driver?


Oh, and crttrap yields:

io-graphics -dvesabios vid=0x1002,did=0x5974,index=0,photon,xres=1600,yres=1200,bitpp=16 -pphoton ;#1600,1200,16,100,0D,vesa - unaccelerated driver for VESA 2.00 compliant adapters