Networking on 6.3

I am installing QNX 6.3 on a PC/104+ computer. The CPU board has a Realtek 8139 network controller onboard. We also have a 3-port Intel 82559 ethernet module. I have installed QNX, but cannot get an internet connection. The stack is connected to the network through a switch, which this computer is also attached to. This computer has IP *.109. I cannot get anything out of the Realtek en0, but if I manually set en1 (which is the first port on the module) to IP *.110, I can ping back and forth. However, no internet. If I type #nicinfo, it displays only the Realtek card, and says “Link is DOWN.” I have tried disabling the Realtek card in the BIOS, yet #nicinfo still reports it. Any thoughts? I am not the most experienced at this stuff.

Are you pinging between *.109 and *.110, or with an external node?

Sorry. I found out the reason. The school controls access to the IP addresses. I can get internet if I get a router.