BIOS signature on HD failed

I need help installing the EIDE HD drive to QNX4.
I runned QN4-product suite. I installed QNX, QNX windows, tcpip. Everything was OK, but when I tried to boot , then :

starting QNX…
Path=0 - EIDE
target=0 lun=0 Direct-Access(0) - WDC WD400BB-60DG Rev:
mount -p: read() of BIOS signature on /dev/hd0.0 failed: No such device or address.

Any help would be appreciated.


Well, the message seems to be saying, no partition on the drive. That’s pretty extreme. You could try booting from the CD or a floppy and see if you can mount it manually. Could be a hard drive problem too.

Hi there!

I had a similar problem. The error message I got was:

‘mount -p: read() of BIOS signature on /dev/hd0 failed: input/output error’.

I found the cause of this was in the BIOS set up.

Go to

‘Itergrated Peripherials’;

I had to DISABLE ‘IDE Primary Master UDMA’ rather than it been set to AUTO.

Hope this helps!