VMware Community Project Launched!

With the interest in running QNX under VMware, QSS’s previous support for VMware and VMware’s decision to open source
thier tools, we have launched a Community Project to develop tools for running QNX under VMware!

You can come visit the project at community.qnx.com/sf/projects/vmware

We have seeded the project with the original vmtool program which myself and others developed a few years ago. It is
our intention to also host the QSS drivers which they have developed for VMware and going forward, we are looking at
porting/adapting/creating new tools based on VMware’s Open VM Tools initiative.

If you are either a user of QNX under VMware, or are interested in helping with the effort, come join us in our new

Rick Duff
Martin Zimmerman

nice news. :slight_smile: