Creating a bootable target

I guess I am in the same position as many new installers and users of a QNX RTOS, as a number of these postings are about boot problems.

I have just installed the Momentics Neutrino 6.3 IDE for Windows host and am now looking to create an x86 Target for QNX evaluation purposes. The VMWare route seems a reasonable option as I think I can get around the physical disk visibility issue. The question is, having created a spare partition, where do I get a suitable Neutrino boot sector to load as a VMWare Virtual Machine?

I have a multi-boot system with several OS options already and I do not want to screw up the existing boot menu and MBR with a new installation. The CD created from the QNX download seems to install a host only, not target system files. If there are files there for creating a bootable target, the documentation does not make clear which they are.

Could someone help me on this please, and confirm if the VMWare route is a better starter option than getting an embedded target board with BSP from the outset?



I’d go with the VMWare image based on the fact you don’t want to add another partition to your HD or use an embedded board. The better option than an embedded board is to use a 2nd spare PC (assuming you have one).

In this article about half way down there is a link to a VMWare image you can download and use right away. … 9559#39559