Do I need Fsys.atapi to install Qnx4 on large Eide drives?

I’m trying to install Qnx 4.25 on a 250 GB drive using a small partition for the OS. I’m using the July 2003 product suite cd, the latest available. Seems to install but then when I try to boot I get the dreaded …C and everything stops. I can boot from a floppy and access the drive with Fsys.eide and mount the drive and look at it with fdisk but can’t make it boot though it’s only about a 12 meg partition in the first cylinder or two. Is this too big a drive to use?
I’ve also tried an 80 GB with no luck. Do I need Fsys.atapi to get this to work?

If so, where can I get it? Or is it something else?