Qnet & TCP/IP

Hi! Is it possible for me to access qnet via TCP/IP (Access qnet hosts via Internet).? Kinda bridge or something.

QNET is able to work over IP. So it’ can be enough.
See documentation about QNET.

Hmm, I cant seem to find any useful tutorial on it.

Ok, I have added test_machine into /etc/qnet_hosts and do the following command: mount -Tio-net -o bind=ip,resolve=file npm-qnet-compat.so.

But when I try to enter /net/test_machine it says No route to host…

They are 2 different thing. Question would be what do you want to achieve?

First thing… are you sure you want to use npm-qnet-compat.so? (if you aren’t, then don’t use it, use l4-lite).

Dumb question… is there an interface that can access the network that is on?

Also, “test_machine” will need to have an entry in it’s /etc/qnet_hosts for this machine as well (otherwise it won’t know who the other node is).

Of course, once you go across the real internet, you’ll need to use “resolve=dns”…