how to verify/install video driver?

Hello - new to neutrino; just dipping my toe in the waters, hobbying. With the new ‘hybrid software model’, it’s got me interested again in qnx/neutrino; and I’m flirting with the idea of porting gentoo’s portage system[1].

Direct question is: I’ve got a NVIDIA Quadro FX Go700 video card on my laptop ( which I’ve recently installed 6.3.2 on ), and am wondering how do I locate/verify and install the proper driver for it?

Secondary, more important question: Where is the best documentation for such questions? Like a sysadmin guide or something similar?

I’m coming from many years of linux.

Many thanks!


Look at this: … ideodriver
Using “pci -vv” locate the chipset used in the card and check if Vendor and Device ID are among the supported in the table above.
If yes you are lucky.
Generally there is crttrap utility, which will try to detect your card.
But I will suggest to do what I explained and then trying crttrap.
The utility has a pretty good usage explained.

Hi - thanks for the response!

… but unfortunately for me, looks like I’m outta luck – only vesa works to any real extent; but is v e r y s l l o o o o o w w . . .

ah well - it’s somewhat usable at least.


The word about town for quite some time has been that NVIDIA does not let out specs for their cards. That’s fine if you are using Windows, or something else they dane to support, but otherwise, boo hoo :frowning:. I’m getting nice support from an old Voodoo card, cheap and easily available on eBay.