Strange behaviour when switching to


I am getting a weird response when changing my video driver from vesa to radeon (see attached screenshots).

This is the output from pci:

Class = Display (VGA)
Vendor ID = 1002h, ATI Technologies Inc
Device ID = 4c57h, Radeon Mobility M7 LW (Radeon Mobility 7500)
PCI index = 0h
PCI Mem Address = e8000000h enabled
PCI IO Address = 3000h disabled
PCI Mem Address = d0100000h enabled
PCI Expansion ROM = 0h disabled
PCI Int Pin = INT A
Interrupt line = 11
CPU Interrupt = bh

and from crttrap:

io-graphics -dvesabios vid=0x1002,did=0x4c57,index=0,photon,xres=1024,yres=768,bitpp=32 -pphoton ;#1024,768,32,100,0D,vesa - unaccelerated driver for VESA 2.00 compliant adapters.

The vendor/device ID is supported, but I cannot changed the video driver to radeon. When I do, the screen goes all weird, as shown in the snapshot attached.

Any ideas?

What’s really strange is that the radeon video driver for Photon isn’t started until long after that screen is displayed.

Does the screen look messed up like that when QNX initially boots or does it change to that look while it’s booting?

If your doing soft-reboots (not fully powering down the computer/monitor) it might be that the messed up screen is a left over from the previous exit from photon.


I boot into photon using the VESA driver. I then use the GUI to change the driver to RADEON, and when I hit APPLY, the screen becomes messed-up and displays what I’ve attached in the jpg. I’ve let that go for a while, nothing happens, that’s when I have to do a hard-reboot, and the driver has gone back to VESA.

Ah, OK that makes sense.

When you change drivers/screen resolution you have to confirm it within a certain amount of time or else it goes back to the last known working version. Since your screen is black, you can’t confirm it, hence it goes back on reboot to VESA.

I assume that in the GUI your changing to 1024x768 with 32 bit color depth when you try this (this is what crttrap is reporting). Maybe you might try other color depths or screen resolutions to see if you can get one that does work.


Unfortunately I cannot seem to get the radeon to work at all, no matter what bit color depth or screen resolution I choose.

What is the difference between the radeon and radeon_90 drivers?

Any other suggestions for getting this driver to work, scrolling is a nightmare!

the _90 drivers turn the image for 90° :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: