SCTP Server & Client sample

I have “ported” IBM SCTP Example using QNX Extended networking into QNX working sample.

My rc.local file looks like this:

I hope you will find this sample useful :smiley:


Very interesting.

However where are the stcp function prototypes. The .h file only contains symbols. Is the file #include <netinet/sctp.h> part of QNX6? ( don`t have a QNX6 machine in front of me to check )

  • Mario

I belive that file #include <netinet/sctp.h> is part of QNX6 Extended networking toolkit. As is

For SCTP to work you need only two sctp.h functions (sctp_sendmsg and sctp_recvmsg). Otherwise you use socket.h functions (socket, setsockopt, connect, bind, listen, accept and close). All necessarry structures and symbols are defined in sctp.h.


OH!!! I though YOU ported sctp (not just the sample), my mistake ;-)