Debugging Dynamic library


I’m not sure this is the best area to post this but it’s the one that fits best I guess. Here is my problem.

I have an application that upon starting up loads a dynamic library (for which I have the source). The libary then loads a 2nd dynamic library (for which I also have the source).

I want to add a breakpoint in a subsequent library call, for example

timer_fct → libcall1 → libcall2 → (break here) libcall3

where libcall1 and libcall2 are in the first library while libcall3 is in the 2nd.

The problem is that when I had the breakpoint, it never gets hit. But if i put a break point at libcall2 it will get hit. Is there something like a maximum depth at which you can put breakpoints (that doesn’t make sense to me) but the behaviour is very strange.

I’m doing this within the Momentics IDE.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I don’t know anything about the debugger or putting breakpoints into a dynamic library, but I have two ideas.

  1. Could the place where you put the breakpoint before libcall3 be being written over by a dynamic load?
  2. Could you have a race condition? Put in the breakpoint at libcall2, and the signal occurs, take it out and it doesn’t?