How to check bad sector of hdd0?

I would like to check bad sector of my hdd.

I tried to “chkfsys -u /dev/hd0”.

see below…

#chkfsys -u /dev/hd0

Comparing new bitmap to old and checking released blocks

               Directories          Files            Extents                 Blocks

Available 625142448/disk
Totals 2/disk 16/disk 19/disk 153307/disk
Maximums 19/dir 3/file 152623/file
Averages 8/dir 1/file 9581/file

NEW bitmap is equal to OLD bitmap

chkfsys is only show that string “NEW bitmap is equal to OLD bitmap”.

But i want to find that bad sector is being or not.

How can i know bad sector’s being?

Please help.

Thank you.

oh… i found “dcheck”

use dcheck

dcheck - check a disk for bad blocks (QNX)

dcheck [-lmpqrvwV] [-L loops] [-f first_blk] [-b blk_cnt] [-B blks_per] drive

-l Loop until input (switching SERIAL/RANDOM).
-L loops Loop (as above) for a maximum number of loops.
-m Mark bad blocks (in /.bad_blks) (opens disk drive READ/WRITE).
-p Pause before starting.
-q Quiet mode; don’t display progress information.
-r Utilize a random head movement algorithm.
-v Verbose; display every bad block on the disk.
-w Write after read test (opens disk drive READ/WRITE).
-V Verify write after read test (opens disk drive READ/WRITE).
-f first_blk First (beginning) block to check.
-b blk_cnt Total (maximum) number of blocks to check.
-B blks_per Number of blocks per read (default: 32).
drive is the name of the disk (as: /dev/fd1, /dev/hd0, /, etc)