Dear all,
I want to use 5 different timers for my program. I feel if I use a single channel, a pulses would be waiting to be serviced. I dont want this wait to happen and hence want simultaneous operation. How is it possible to use multiple channels. will the following do it?

What is the range of pulse type available between _PULSE_CODE_MINAVAIL and _MAXAVAIL? is is above 10?


Unless you have multiple cores a pulse may have to wait in line. There is nothing you can do about this, the CPU can only do one thing at time. If you give each pulse a different priority then you may handle each timer/pulse in their own thread.

The number of pulse code available is 127 I think, but each thread/channel can have it’s own range.

You also can use a thread pool to do this, which would require only one channel.