new in QNX 6.0

i just install a QNX 6.0 ISO on my PC but there are some hardware devices not working as (network card (pci DLINK) - sound card - HP printer )
how can start them ?
thank you…

If there where not detected then most likely there are not supported. 6.0 is VERY old…

Sure, try 6.2.1.

I didn´t have problems with the Devices on my first install.

yes , thank you for your reply
but are there a drivers for these hardware i can install? can i search for it? or not

I also would recommend trying 6.2.1 (or newer ;>). Since there are a lot of DLINK-Pci-based NICs i cannot guarantee, but i think a lot of them should work fine. As long as the HP-Printer is Postscript compatible there is an pretty easy setup (I hope i did not mix this now, long time no printer on QNX ^^). For sound i did not have yet a genuine sound card installed since we run own devices over a custom bus. Best is to check the supported hardware in the 6.2.1 docu to make sure :slight_smile: