USB Keyboard and USB 2.0 Device on one Controller

Hi (again),
we try to connect USB-Keyboard and USB-(2.0)Highspeed-Drive to our QNX6.3-Workstation. It works fine from the start, but the throughput to our Drive is way to slow. If i kill io-usb and just start the io-usb with -ddevh-ehci we get really nice throughput, but no keyboard at all working.
The moment i also start the devh-uhci we get the keyboard but very low throughput, isn´t there a way to connect them both with reasonable speed?

We are running on a F17-CPU-Card from MEN, with 2 RearIO-USB Ports controlled by one Controller (at least usb -vvv tells me 1st device is keyboard, 2nd is HD).

Then it tells me there are 3 more Controllers somewhere on the card…

The used controller uses with default setting just UHCI (as the 2nd and 3rd too). With default setting the 4th controller runs with EHCI, but i cannot set the device to use this controller, i guess this is since both usb-ports belong to one controller. The only thing i can do is, put the 1st controller in EHCI-Mode with just starting EHCI (no uhci/ohci), but then there is no controll at all on the workstation, since there is no PS2 or similar…

I think i repeated myself a bit in the last few lines ^^, but never mind, i hope someone knows how to get rid of this :slight_smile:

Thx :slight_smile: