QNX to Windows via TCP/IP


I would like to pass data from my application in QNX to a GUI in Windows using TCP/IP. I’ve never done network communication before and was wondering how difficult this would be? Also, is there any good starting points for creating such software/device drivers?


There are LOTS of ways of doing this, from the very simple direct TCP/IP to more compilated like, rpc, ODBC. Personally I like to use the Poco C++ library to take care of that. They even sell a module to help transfer C++ classes.

do you know where I can find some tutorials, or sample code, to introduce myself to the programming?

A basic book on TCP/IP might be the way to go. Note that you may have to learn how to do it on each side. QNX has a NETBSD like API while Windows promotes their own API ( but you can still get some NETBSD like stuff ).

There are plenty of tutorial on Internet.

The book, UNIX Network Programming from Addison Wesley is nice.

For basic TCP/IP just take a look at sockets (often found under IPC)


beej.us/guide/bgnet/output/html/ … index.html

This should have everything you need for doing socket programming. It’s a very straighforward site written for beginners with code samples for Unix/QNX and some comments on how to translate to Windows API as well.

I’ve written a bunch of socket stuff under QNX and moved it to Windows with only a couple of lines of changed code so you don’t have to use the Windows API.