Any recommendations for a 4 port PC/104 Plus serial card?

We’ve used a particular 4 port PC/104 serial card for a long time with QNX 4. Now, with QNX6, its giving us trouble. We would like to switch to a PC/104 Plus serial card.

Does anyone have recommendations for a stable, reliable card?


Strange, why would a card work ok in QNX4 but not in QNX6? I would investigate that first because there is no guaranty that going to a PLUS card would make a different. PCI card in asynchronous mode are very slow, not as slow as ISA but surprisingly close ;-) And Serial card are usually accessed via 8 bit port so PCI won’t help there.

I haven’t used their PC/104 products, but Connect Tech has had the reputation for the best support for QNX for a couple decades. The products of theirs that I’ve worked with always seem to be very high quality.