Request PC104 HW suggestions

What hardware do you recommend?

I am not working at the moment and want to refresh my embedded software skills. I just downloaded and installed QNX Momentics IDE on my Windows XP box. I need to pick some hardware to play with. My thoughts are:

PC-104 CPU, X86 architecture
board with A/D, D/A, and parallel (bit) I/O
serial I/O board
Maybe a servo control board
Some type of decent enclosure (ugly is ok)

To begin with, I want to spend the minimum time necesary to get it on line to the point of writing code and using the I/O facilities. I want very much to avoid spending two months getting the BSP just right as I have no experienced people available for reference. Speed is not a problem. This is home brew so cost is important, but not completely overriding. Ease of use will probably override cost.

Any recomendations?

Thanks for your time,

Find an old PC, anything Pentium 1 or greater will do, and make it the “target”. Once you are comfortable, then work on the PC-104. BTW, I believe there are sufficent PC 104 boards with support, so that you don’t have to worry about the BSP. If you already have a board that you want to use, well then maybe this won’t work.

Hello maschoen,
Thanks for taking the time to reply. Would you be so kind as to list a few of those boards, preferably those that you have used with QNX, or that you are otherwise certain will work with QNX. Please put the easiest to use at the top of the list.

Thanks for your time,

While I can’t help you here, I’m pretty sure that you will find an answer at I would especially check their partners/3rd party listings for board companies that provide support.