ipfilter for 6.3.0


I am looking for ipfilter for QNX 6.3.0 no service pack installed, anyone have this package, it’s part of the Network Development TDK.


There is very illegal activity going on on www.qnx.com, would be nice if you’d keep it that way.

isn’t it supposed to be a free package? I was just asking did not know about the qnx policy

QNX includes this software in their docs as it was part of the regular distribution, and still don’t know why it’s not! If what I am asking is illegal and can not be found, I will contact my qnx rep and ask him than…thx

Sorry if I came out rude. There is no “Free” package, only non commercial. If you have 6.3.0 and ipfilter was part of the “expensive” network DTK then obviously you should obtain it from QNX. As for being available in 6.3.2, I don’t know how the TDK are working out money wise, or if they even exists.

I have the lib now, but I am having problems making ipf work, here is an example:

ipf -v -f /somewhere/ipf.conf

open device: No such file or directory
[block in quick on en2 proto tcp from any to port = 21] block in quick on en2(!) proto tcp from any to port = 21

So apparently the ipf is trying to open en2 but can’t, has anyone seen the same problem before? Can anyone give me a hint?

Do you need more info?

By the way en2 is working, I can telnet through it and ping no problem.


open device: No such file or directory

actually tells, the device you try to open is not there, check if you have any spellmistakes or logical mistakes (as enX … )

I also wonder if ipf tries to open something like: /dev/io-net/ipfilter.so
This would only be available if you already mounted this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: something like mount -T io-net /lib/dll/ipfilter.so

Edith says:

lsm-ipfilter-v4.so, lsm-ipfilter-v6.so

Provide IP filter services

* These modules are available only in the Extended Networking Technology Development Kit (TDK).
* The TCP/IP stack looks for the correct version of this module when you mount it (i.e. lsm-ipfilter-v4.so with npm-tcpip-v4.so; lsm-ipfilter-v6.so with npm-tcpip-v6.so).


mount -Ttcpip lsm-ipfilter.so

I did the mount already, but how can I verify that is mounted correctly?

This is the command I used to mount it: io-net -p tcpip lsm-ipfilter

When I try your command, it’s also the same in the doc I have an error, because io-net is already running.

I did pidin arg and I can see io-net -p tcpip lsm-ipfilter, does this mean that the lib is mounted?

Thanks for your help I am not a big QNX user…

pidin -p io-net mem