MFC application porting on QNX6.3

Hi All,
Is it possible to port a windows application whish uses MFC on QNX6.3? My assumption is QNX will not understand the MFC API’s and we have to rewrite those API’s in QNX. Is my understanding correct? Please give me some pointers and correct me if I am wrong.


Sure it is possible to port anything, just the amount of time spent into porting will change. You did understand well for Photon not being able to work with MFC. This concludes you have to write a new GUI (including callbacks actions etc.). The general algorithm behind an application is not bound to a gui-interface (generally). But i guess it would be quite some work porting a windows MFC-app to QNX :slight_smile:

Hi Micro,
Thanks for the reply. Does that mean the windows application I have is kinda useless and I will have to rewrite the whole using the QNX API’s. But do you think QNX will have the equivalent API’s not necessary right? As you said will it be a huge amount of work?

The amount of work depends on how complex your app is. If there is a minimal gui and almost all algorithm used by this app are in own functions or at least in own blocks, the porting will be pretty fast. But if the app makes extensive usage of MFC-Objecttypes (Variables, Classes, whatever) and a lot of functions related to MFC not related to the GUI, there will be a lot more work to do. The GUI itself has definitly to be “ported”, better to say rewritten, but this is imho not that difficult (e.g. using PhAB to create the GUI pretty easy). It gets more difficult the more of your app uses MFC (if the algorithms are implemented with the use of MFC, it would be almost a complete rewrite, as long as you cannot come up with covering object types yourself ;P).

thanks a lot for the info Micro. I will look into the (amount of) code for the MFC dependency :slight_smile: