Firewire driver

I am developing a firewire driver on QNX 6.3.2 but I do not know how to get device information of a device which plugged in firewire card. Please help me. On QNX has some struct like struct device or bus_type on Linux?


These structs are generally filled by the driver (or deamon,resourcemanager,server,whatever) responsible for that bus/protocoll/whatever.
So io-usb with all its [e/o/u]hci controllers would fill a struct for usbdevice, as pci-driver (server,da…) would fill the pci-struct (isn´t it?).
If you develop a firewire driver, your driver would be responsible for filling your own defined information-struct for the firewire system and its clients.

Since i never been working with firewire nor writing drivers (at least not that complex) i can just guess. There should be some standard protocoll issues which allow you to retrieve some registers or general information from any firewire device. For the firewire-controller itself i think you have to get the tech-specs from the vendor.

I hope i did not mix up something now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: