Error running program - Strange chars on terminal


We have a program that run in QNX 4.21, developed in Watcom 9.51 ambient.

When it’s runned on QNX 6.2.1, in command line, by “./” function, appear a lot of strange chars on terminal. Anything that I type after the error from script appear in strange format chars.

This software make directly communication between processes and serial communication.

We use QNX 4 because it’s support this access in serial communication.

QNX 6.2.1 still have this property??
Someone have an idea about this error??


Sure QNX6 has support for serial device. What do you meain by “./” function.

Depending on what you program does on QNX4, it’s possible that it was outputing on the screen some sort of control characters ( for bold, italic, etc ) and that these control characters have a different meaning on QNX6 which results in the console driver to go nuts.

The program is a script at the end… to start the service I must type “./Front.end.encaix”

But about the serial device, the access that I am trying to say is a real-time access on serial communicatioin, that older versions of QNX accept, and other segments of Unix (Linux, e.p.) don’t give this access. Just QNX do it.

It’s used in communication with a external hardware that is used here.

Is there a way to run QNX 6 just in console mode?

I’m sorry I don’t understand what you are trying to say.

If you want to run in console, just shutdown photon or create the file /etc/system/config/nophoton.

I think you are trying to put your Console in “ANSI” mode, which was done via TERM-env and stty i think, this is not working under QNX6, at least not on our workstation.
Therefore i guess you also change the codepage orkeysets, this will result in a scrambled console (also happens sometimes if you cat a binary-file wich has control-chars for the console in it). Generally you can still access the seriel device pretty easy, but your formatted output via ansi has to be replaced with QNX6-implementations.

For not running photon mario already suggestet just shutdown to console or “touch /etc/system/config/nophoton”

Have you tried it on the current QNX version, 6.3.2? 6.2.1 is a little old.

If your program isn’t a program but a script, maybe you can post it here?

I have tryed run the script just in Terminal mode, but did the same error, how expected =P

QNX 6.3.2 needs a key to install right?
I must buy it?

But how Thunderblade told, I try to post the code here, so I have the following message in the console:

I did type…
#vi Front.end.encaix

… the message…
“This file contain NULs. They’ve been changed to \x80 chars”

And the file appears full of strange chars.
Just some 10 lines of text can be read.

6.3.2 need a key, but if you are using this for non-commercial use you don’t have to pay. Just register on to obtain a key.

It seems Front.end.encaix is NOT a script but rather an EXECUTABLE.

To post a file, click on the “Quote” or “Post Reply” button (instead of using the Quick Reply feature) which should then give you the option of attaching a file.

But I think that instead of attaching the program, you should attach its output:

./Front.end.encaix >file.txt

Then post the file ( as an attachment ) file.txt

sure, I got the key and I`ll try install it today.

Ill try to attach a .tar file, that contains more 4 files. I did try to open in .txt format, but Ive got an error of encoding.

Follows the tar file. I hope that it works fine.


You can’t run QNX 4 programs (compiled by Watcom) on QNX 6.
If you have the source code, you will have to “port” it to QNX 6 and recompile with GCC compiler.


I’ll contact our software developers and we’ll find a way to solve this problem.

I’ll post a reply about our progress.

Really thanks for Mario, Micro, Thunderblade and Noc