Broadcom bcm43xx mini-PCI wireless LAN driver not working

I was unable to get the Broadcom mini-PCI card to work with QNX. It seems that QNX’s bcm43xx driver does not recognize the card.

When I try to load the driver, I get this error message:

io-net –d bcm43xx

unable to init dll devn-bcm43xx: No such device

I was hoping this card would work, since it uses the Broadcom BCM4309 chipset, and QNX claims to support BCM43xx chips.

(QNX’s list of supported WLAN controllers: … wireless=1)

The PCI Device ID of this card is 0x4318. The QNX page lists a few different device IDs, but not this one.

just found something from QNX that says that a SP3 update install will support Device 0x4318. As mentioned in this article:

How do I update the network driver patch for QNX 6.3 SP3?

You can either install the SP2 to SP3 upgrade ( … amid=13009)