QNX IDE Launch Configuration Error: Error starting process

Hi all,
i created a c++ application project in QNX Momentics IDE on XP host. Just the simple “hello world”, complied okay and generated the executable file. But when i run it, it had the error: Exec error: launching failed.

i reconfigured the lauch configuration, specified the project name, exectutable file, but no use.

I had no ideas what was wrong. Thx :smiley:

The executable is mean to be run on QNX6, not on Neutrino. Did you created a target? Do you have a target?


but i think i installed the IDE on X86 target. is that right?

If not, then i’m afraid that i didnt create a target and how can i?

thx. :confused:

Actually, your IDE hosted on XP cannot run the executable itself.
You will need Target-System, which has to run QNX6 RTOS (or similar). This is an OS for another pc itself, but could be run in VM too.
As soon you have your target-system setup, you can create a target-project, which requires the IP of the QNX6 RTOS system.
On the QNX6 RTOS system itself, qconn has to be started to accept connections from your Momentics IDE.
In the matter of fact you did a PhAB-Hello-World-App, so a GUI-based App, you will have to run Photon too (which is by default).

The IDE (Momentics XP hosted) will download the app to your Target (QNX6 RTOS) and run it there.

thx, micro. i will try. u mean that i should download the exectutable file to the target via the internet?

btw, i created a C++/QNX C++ Application Project instead of C/QNX Photon Appbuilder Project.

But previously, i did the same thing and had the correct output in the console in the IDE, how about this?

As soon you connected your target to the same network as your host, the IDE will talk to qconn and download the app itself.
For an C++/QNX C++ Application Project you are afaik not bound to photon, but you are still bound to log in ^^.

So target side:
Startup qconn (run “qconn &” somewhere in the console)

Host side:
(Create target-project with ip from your target)
Select “Run->Run”
Create run-settings with “target-project” as runtarget.
Press Run.

The IDE will download (if set) your App to the QNX6 target and run it there.
Output will be redirected to your local console on your xp-host.

Any graphical output (not console output) will directly be drawn on the targetmachine.

So if you had the correct output in the IDE, this would mean you successfully ran your app on the qnx6 machine ^^ (damn, i read the last line to late)