Can I let io-graphics recognize the correct driver

I want to my boot image recognize the correct video card driver automaticlly just like qnx system,Is it possible?for I use one drive for the special card,but if I change to another kind card the boot image can’t start for the wrong driver.


Sure it’s possible.

Is your boot image self contained or not (by self contained, I mean all files you ever use are in the boot image. Non-self contained means the boot image just hold the QNX O/S and all the files reside on a CF card/harddrive)?

If you are not self contained, it’s much easier to do.

Basically, look in /etc/system at the sysinit file. This calls a script in /etc/rc.d called rc.devices.

This rc.devices script is the key script. At the end of it you see a call to an executable enum-devices.

enum-devices searches for hardware (essentially a plug-n-play search thru all known supported hardware) from a list of files in /etc/system/enum/devices.

So what you’d need to do is place the files in /etc/system/enum/devices on your target system. Then in your boot image, call enum-devices in a manner similar to how it’s called in rc.devices (you can hardcode the paths instead of doing all the work rc.devices script does).

That should do what you want.