Initial Photon Configuration

Does anyone know what drives the initial Photon configuration on a new system install?

We’ve recently gotten some new PC104 boards from a manufacturer and they’ve revved the board and must have changed something slightly that Photon doesn’t like.

What’s happening is that after installing the Run Time CD, the system boots into Photon and the instant it displays the initial resolution screen (once you type in the root username) it reboots the board.

Once I go back into Photon on the reboot I get as far as the date/timezone and the reboot happens (Photon appears to default to 640x480 on the reboot/crash) again. It seems no matter how many times the board reboots it always gets back to the date/timezone as if Photon never was able to initialize itself properly.

On an OS install there is a setupisdone file created in /etc/system. I assume something similar must be done for Photon but I can’t figure out what. I’ve tried coping the .ph directory in /root from a good board to my new board install (since everything runs fine in console mode) but Photon still tries to ask for the date/timezone info when I type ‘ph’ so it’s not in the local .ph directory.

This is the 2nd new board we’ve gotten with this problem. The last one I was lucky enough that after 7-8 reboots I finally got Photon to not reboot. But todays board hasn’t passed in over a dozen tries. Once I got in successfully one time everything works fine. So I have to assume the problem is somehow related to some kind of enumeration of devices/resolutions and so I just want to give Photon known information from a good setup and bypass this step while I ask the manufacturer what exactly they have changed hardware wise or in the Bios.