momentics vs nuetrino vs QNX RTOS 6.2

I want to install Mozilla, and it says that Momentics NC 6.2 is required.
I assume that means I need QNX RTOS 6.2, but do I also need the momentics tool set? Why would I need development tools such as eclipse just to run mozilla - (it’s not that buggy :slight_smile: ?

I assume that Nuetrino = QNX RTOS 6.2,
but does Momentics NC 6.2 = QNX RTOS 6.2.

Here’s what I think. Momentics NC 6.2 includes QNX RTOS 6.2 and momentics tool kit. You get one iso, and the installer gives you a choice of installing all the development tools or not ( similar to 6.1). When they say you need Momentics NC 6.2, they really mean that you need QNX RTOS 6.2.

Can anyone confirm or deny this? Thank you.

In my oh so humble opinion this is probably the silliest thing QSS[L]'s marketing has ever done - but I’ll try to explain it unauthoritively (is that a word?);

QNX Neutrino is the OS

QNX Momentics is the developement environment - Their are current 3 (gonna be 4+ soon) versions; Non-commercial, Standard Edition, Professional Edition. The different versions basically refect the different developement tools that you get with the OS.

As for Mozilla - That’s just QSS[L] tossing an egg into the ocean…

…It dosent make sense why they did it. It blured the definitions even more as Mozilla isn’t related to developement at all.


thanks alot.

The reason it lists Momentics is simply because the Mozilla package can be used on other platforms then Neutrino for building embedded systems. And to be usefull you need Momentics installed on these platforms (since it includes the runtimes for Neutrino). So strictly speaking you don’t need to have Momentics installed under Neutrino since it includes the x86 base runtimes as part of the base install.

The mozilla from the 3rd CD or the qdn sites requires QNX 6.2. If you are running QNX 6.1, you can download mozilla from The version there can run on either QNX 6.1 or QNX 6.2.

Sweet, that’s even better news. I can get mozilla now, and 6.2 later. It’s funny, I wanted mozilla mostly to view the qnx newsgroups from my qnx machine without having to muss with Tin, and that’s how I found openqnx - which gives me a web interface to those groups anyway.

You really should release the 1.1 alpha - it’d grab my intrest (especally seeing how I use Mozilla 1.1 on my windows machine and a lub it to death).


your request is my command :slight_smile:
see my post in the “GUI” for the mozilla 1.1 beta.

Cool beans. :smiley:

Can’t wait for Photon though.