QNX4 compiler

I’m searching for a few days now for a compiler for QNX 4.25 i’ve got. The only official compiler is/was Watcom C/C++, but it has 2 drawbacks:
1 - it’s not free
2 - it’s not available anymore?
So i’m searching for any other C/C++ compiler for my QNX. I have a limited access to a QNX with a watcom compiler, so i could compile some e.g. GNU compiler. If this is possible, please tell me also how to do this, because im new with this system, and never used any UNIX.
Any suggestions, ideas?

You better use QNX6

QNX4 is a must for me, it’s for the school project.

QNX4 itself is not free either :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: If it is a school project, ask them to have a compiler

There is GCC at www.teaser.fr/~jcmichot ( from memory), but you still need Watcom anyway because of the libraries and header files. Hence to be legal you must buy Watcom, which you can buy from QNX.

I wonder how that works now. Watcom was bought by I think Semantic, which almost immediately dropped it, and fired all the support staff. That is they killed the product. I’m just wondering on what basis if you bought it that Semantic would be owed any royalties.

I think the QNX version is own by QNX ( at least all the QNX specific headers files and their library is )

I’m sure QNX owns the headers and the library, but I doubt they own the compiler. Maybe they have a license to resell it. My point was why should Semantic get a dime when they threw arguably the best compiler at the time in the toilet?

If ever OpenWatcom sometimes support QNX4…
I think they just don’t want…

At one point I had OpenWatcom 1.6 working for QNX4. I gave up because I made several post every where i could about it but got only 10 response back… Also it was kind of flaky because I didn’t have the source to all the QNX4 specific library code.