How can load a QNX OS image from a CentOS kernel

I have a PC running a CentOS on it.
The harddisk have two partitions, one is for CentOS and one is for QNX OS. I want load CentOS first, and when I want use the QNX OS, I can run a command the load the QNX OS in another partition.

I don´t think you can nativly switch on the fly to QNX from CentOS. You could try installing a VM and run QNX in there.
Easiest way would be to implement dual booting, so you can select what OS to run in the bootloader.

Can I make the IPL to ELF mode, and run the IPL in the CentOS?
I find a file bios.boot in /boot/sys directory of QNX os, this file is ELF mode, What is this file’s function?

Use the GRUB, Luke! :slight_smile: or VM…