Cross network debugging problem

I used the IDE 4.0.1 in Windows to develop applicaitons. And target x86 is QNX 621 and has started the qconn server on it.

It was okay when i loaded the system info perspective in Windows with all qnx processes shown in Windows machine. But when i finished configuring the launch for debug, came out the err:
“Error getting remote environment”.

Thanks a lot :bulb:

You need some updated files for your target (not sure if they actually support 6.2.1 or not - that’s very old).

Anyway in IDE 4.0.1, select:

Help->Software Updates->Qconn Updates

This will automatically install the files. The problem is, I am not sure how you are rebuilding a 6.2.1 image from a IDE 4.0.1, but assuming you can then if you rebuild your target it should now have the correct files on it to allow remote debug.

Actually, I am pretty sure that IDE 4.0.1 is just not compatible with 6.2.1.

Thx. In fact, i also wanna rebuild the 6.3.2 image and download it from IDE to the x86 target. Besides, i have another 6.2.1 based desktop.
And when i clicked “Qconn Updates” no response, why?
Currently 2 ways for me to realize remote debugging:
(1) Find the updated files from Qconn and then add them to the 6.2.1 machine, rebuild and download.
(2) Directly rebuild 6.3.2 image including the updated files, then download the 6.3.2 image thru the qnet network from 6.2.1 machine to the target.
Any suggestions?

If you don’t mind upgrading to 6.3.2, then that is your best (perhaps only) option.

Yes, but i have a big concern that if i failed to start the qnet service on the target with the newly 6.3.2 image(then i probably could not download the image to the target from the qnet network). How can i recover from this disaster to the original 6.2.1 configuration? Thank u.

I’d need some more info on your setup. Do you have a serial port?

What do you boot from (e.g. flash, disk, network)?

I have serial ports on board. But not connected with the host yet.
And the target boots from the on board disk. Thank u.

i have finished updating the 6.3.2 image. But the IDE said that my qconn is out of date. I tried to update the new qconn on help menu. But no response. Why?
Besides, even with the old ver. qconn, can i realize remote network degugging? The current err displays: “Error getting remote environment”. Thx.

So your target is now booting with a 6.3.2 image, that you built with the system builder from the IDE?

Can you provide the output of “uname -a” on the target?

Yes, i built the image from the IDE. From the system builder info about the target, it shows the release is 6.3.2.(At first, the qconn works well.) The target didnot incorporate the “uname” command.

(1) In the IDE, i set: bin → x86/bin, then in the target system: in the directory /bin, why not all the commands appear as in the x86/bin(on host)?
(2) But now i have no ideas why i couldnot connect to the target anymore. But the host can connect with other QNX target. :frowning:

okay, anyway this time i connected with the target and also showed qconn are updated. and remote debugging is also okay now. Just a bit strange, i could not connect to the target until i changed the ip addr of the target and reconnect again…

Well, comes another problem. In the boot script, i set the ip addr of the target and then start qconn. But then in IDE i couldnot connect with it. Then i changed the ip addr of the target, and IDE could connect with it then. But after a while, it disconnected. Then i changed its ip addr and get reconnect. Why ??

I suspect you have network problems. A common problem with targets on Windows is when booting from something like uboot, they’ll have one IP, and then when QNX boots it will have a different IP. The problem is that Windows arp caching is very unpredictable. I regularly have to explicitly flush the arp cache on Windows (or ping the target from Windows - which forces an re-arp).

It sounds like you may have duplicate MAC duplicate IP problems though…

The problem seems to be that i started qconn twice. When i started only once, the network connection is stable. Thank u. :slight_smile: