contents of tarx file


I am searching for a solution to record the filenames in a tarx file.
(For copying the files to a machine without photon and CD-ROM drive …)

I want to make a “filelist” before and after the installation of the tarx file on a test machine. Then I want to create a “diff-list” of these “filelists” to create a normal tarball.

The “diff-list” should contain the new and changed files…

Does anyone know a way to create such a “filelist” and “diff-list” on QNX 4.25 ?

Thank you very much for your help !

find :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


touch my_actual_date_file;
unpack your tarx…
find / -anewer my_acutal_date_file > my_changed_and_new_files_filelist.txt

The tarx files comes already with a filelist.

The Qnx 4.25 Patch G (qnx-4.25-01G.tarx) creates the following file:
=> /registry/installed/qnx/4.25/01G.flist