QNX4 Windows driver for Multiple Monitors

HI all!

Does anyone have a driver in QNX4 Windows supporting multiple graphics adapter? We are setting up a QNX4 workstation with three heads (three graphics card adapter for the three monitors - Just like the Solaris).

The graphics cards are PCI radeon9250 and PCIe radeonx550, we will also be using SAMSUNG DVI/D-sub LCD monitors

My company is willing to pay for the development of this driver.

Grr my first post got lost.

I don’t think QNX4 Windows ( we are not talking about photon here right? ) supports multi monitor/card.

From what I know it might be possible to write a special virtual driver that will interface with the other real drivers.

Some double negotiation there ^^

I think there was somthing called Hydra, but im not sure if this was photon only

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I fear that the technology as well as the expertise to create such a driver is probably lost.
If somehow it is not, I think the reasonable cost for such an endeavor would not be palitable.

Everything is available to create a Photon driver, hence I would, use gr.phi to give QWindows access to photon driver, then I would write a Photon driver that would talk to the other Photon driver. Ouch…