GSL in qnx

Dear all,
Is there anyway I can compile the GSL library in QNX neutrino 6.3


Should be simple. I remember once I manually extracted the statistic module and it pretty much compile out of the box.

Or check out the on Fundry26 , in the pkgsrc section maybe it as already been ported.

Thanks mario, it can be compiled in the normal way
./configure --prefix=/usr
make install

But I have to provide the location of the files explicitly in the makefile
i.e. -L/usr/lib -lgsl
if I have to compile
Why is this so?


-lgsl yes you have to supply but -L/usr/lib you shouldn’t have to since it’s in th default search path.

What is the complete command line you are using to compile?

…and do you have $QNX_TARGET (and $QNX_HOST and $QNX_CONFIGURATION and $MAKEFLAGS) set?