search images


On my QNX harddisk, i know that there ars some images (pictures), but i can’t find them.
I need to export them (via FTP) to my windows machine to edit them.
I have some questions for this.

How can i find the images: What is the search command and how do i specify that i search images?
Will i be able to edit them under windows and replace them with the newer file?


You could either use the “find” command on the Terminal/Console or use the graphical search utility that comes with a standard QNX install.

tx for the reply.
It will be the find command, because i have no graphical interface.

And how can i find images? i don’t know the extension…


If you don’t know the extension it can get difficult.

JPEG files have in their header the string “JFIF”, so you could look of that

The command strings extract ascii string from files, the command grep will look for a string. Get creative ;-)

If you a relooking for other type of graphics files, bmp, gif, try to see if their header have something you can look for.

If you know when the files were written, you can looks for file with a specific data or more recent then a specified date.

You can also use the “file” command on every found file and then grep for an expression. i would start looking for the files in your home directories /home/* and/or /root
Where do you use this pictures? If they are used in Apps they can also be bound into the app itself. Then you would need the Widget-files for editing them with PhAB.
If they were uploaded by someone, you should try /tmp and /home/.
If they are shipped with the OS itself, try looking under /usr/

Just make sure to figure out what images you are looking for first and then check the coressponding places.

It would not make sense to upload self-generated files to /usr/lib/* for example. This should shorten your search a lot :stuck_out_tongue: