Debugging application with shared library

Hi all.

i am new with QNX and Momentics IDE, i have a problem as i want to debug an application using a shares library.

I created the shared library, compiled it without error.

Then i created the application, added the library (and library path was also added automatically as i added the library) to the linker option of the application, compiled the application without any error.

But then as i try to debug the application, it says:

Could not find library

I looked inside the shared library projects directory, and it seems that only the “” is generated.

Am i missing something here?
FYI, i am using Momentics IDE 4.0.1 on Windows XP.

thanks for the answer.


On the Debug Dialog there is a tab named “Download”. On the pane for that tab there is a region named “Extra Libraries” with a check box titled “Do not download libraries to target”. You need to uncheck that checkbox, then add the shared library you want to debug (clicking the “auto” button should fill this in automatically for you).

Also, on the source tab (in the Debug Dialog) you need to make sure that the source code that makes up your library is on the path (it should have been automatically added already, but just make sure).

When you do this, the IDE will take care of setting the LD_LIBRARY_PATH for you so that it picks up your library, so this should do it for you.

Also, depending on how adventurous you are, you may want to download the TAU alpha of the IDE, along with the gcc 4.2 preview (this is what I am currently using).

For some reason shared libs are built as, but installed as

So you don’t get that until you do a make install

caution - this will attempt to install to $QNX_TARGET unless you have setup a staging area.

See … heOSSource for a description of how to do that.