Build script with ext2 FS

Hi all,

Im struggling with a CF card that I want to use in order to boot a pc104. I’m working on a linux host and I’m able to generate a image file. The file boots but then, I’m stuck.

I’ve copied the $QNX_TARGET (x86) to a second partition on the CF card. The reason for this is that I can not copy files using a QNX FS since writing is not supported.

No I’m trying to mount the ext2 partition which basicly holds my root file system but I’m stuck…

devb-eide blk verbose cache=2M,auto=partition,vnode=2000,ncache=2000
mount -t ext2 /dev/hd1 / ← is this right? only one hd… but its the second partition

I also tried (wild guess) mount -t etx2 /dev/hd0t83 No go.

I also used diskboot, added the -e option and added a .diskroot file on the ext2 partition… No go…

Could some give me some pointers?

/dev/hd1 is for a second hd and not a second partition. I should look like /dev/hd0t?? ?? being the partition type. Your wild guess seems to be the right thing to do ;-) However it’s missing a / at the end which i guess is a typo.

in your devb-eide command you are missing a ‘,’ between verbose and cache, another typo maybe.

What error are you getting?

It seems that t83 is not the number QNX tends to give it; rather 133. But I’m home now, so I cant do anything atm. However, the ‘,’ is a true error thats in the build file as well :slight_smile:

I’ll try again tomorrow, and I will post the error en full build script. (I’ll try at least since momentics does not export the project settings like kernel etc to the build file).