Process disappearing, exit is not called and no core file

Any help with the following problem would be gratefully appreciated

I am running QNX 6.3.2 on the ML403 Reference platform.

I am running debug versions of all my custom process’s (_g) the application contain no calls to either exit or pthread_exit, however the applications from time to time just disappear. I am running slogger and dumper, directing the dumper output to /tmp, no core file is produced.

I have forced an application to assert to ensure that the system does generate core files and placed them in /tmp, this operated as expected.

Any ideas, needless to say this is a major problem for the project




Your process may be being hit with a signal you are not handling.

Some unhandled signals (SIGTERM, SIGUSR1, SIGUSR1 etc) will cause your program to exit but not leave a core file.


Have you started procnto with -v or -vv? It tells you when processes exit and also give some indication why (e.g. a signal as Tim suggests).