what is the best PCI graphic card for dual display

I am looking for a PCI graphic card with dual display capability.
There are so many cards out there, but I want to hear what had worked with QNX Neutrino. Also it would be nice, if this card is easily available.


Stay away from Nvidia of course. ATI cards are usually fine. Matrox doesn’t seem to compete in the same consumer (game) market anymore, but instead they have dual and quad cards. I have one that I like. If you want to go low end, and you don’t mind filling two slots, old Voodoo 3000 cards are my favorite.

thanks for your reply. Now, where can I purchase this Voodoo 3000 card?

eBay, and for cheap. Available in both PCI and AGP. The 3500 will work pretty much the same, but it has a TV tuner attached, which is not supported under QNX.

I think the Voodoo support is so old that it will be discontinued in 6.4. You should go for Matrox.

Why would they do that? There are no new cards to support. All they have to do is distribute the driver, or if there is an interface change, make the change.