No Manpages - how must i do?

Hello Everyone,
I’m QNX Newbie and I’d like to make my “man” work.
with the installer, i downloaded and install GNU man.

But i try the fisrt of them (man man), he just answer me this:
“Reformatting…” → ok
“sh: /usr/bin/tbl: not found” → why?

I’m SuperUser .
How can i configure or which packet must install?

Thank You.

is there a Qnx DBX Debugger version (not tried yet)?

  1. QNX doesn’t use man. The documentation for utilities is kept in an ELF section dedicated to the purpose, and a utility called “use” reads the documentation out of this section and displays it. This is particularly appropriate for embedded systems as it minimizes file overhead, and insures that the documentation always matches the utility.

  2. I have no idea what DBX is.

dbx is a popular Unix-based source-level debugger found primarily on Solaris, AIX, IRIX, and BSD Unix systems.

Thank you Rgallen,
is there some specific or common packages to extend provided documentation?
Interrestings things for developers?

The ‘helpviewer’ holds all extended documentation, also found on directly.
For setting own use-text there is the utility ‘usemsg’