extended memory support beyond 4G??

No one has been using more than 4G :slight_smile:

In one year all the important QNX drivers should work.

The kernel is in low memory, there is a device hole, the IFS is in low memory. You almost certainly won’t be able to get 2GB of contiguous memory below 4G.

I think the problem is that strict posix conformance does not allow us to add MMAP flags (or that we need to preserve bits for future posix flags).

If the drivers aren’t fixed to ask for memory below 4G, it will still mean a lot if the device still has 32bit DMA registers (64bit OS or not).

Tech support calls? I don’t get it…

You need to read up on posix_mem stuff. The posix way to do this is create a typed memory area that is allocated during startup…

Awkward, but better that drivers deal with it than apps…

Hey Rennie,

A discussion on foundry27 help me understand a basic concept I was missing and which probably explain why I wasn’t agreeing with you ;-)

Memory partitioning is an optional component that help limits memory usage. I was under the impression that this component was required to implement memory type/regions. That is what I found unacceptable, to required customer to purchase this module to go over 4G.

It was also explain to me that all of the setup of memory type/regions should be taken care of by QNX. Hopefully all the drivers will be modified to use the posix stuff before 6.4 comes out.

There is still the issue of 3rd-party driver not using the POSIX API that is still not guaranty to work. Apparently, even with the “kludge” there is no guaranty it is going to work in all cases.


Well, if you don’t agree with me there is always a really good chance that it means you’re right :slight_smile:

Yeah, the legacy drivers is where memory partitioning comes into play. Since this is typically only required for a self-hosted install (there are no 3rd party drivers in a shipping product right?) then it costs nothing.

Nice of you to say but i would says the chances are 50/50 :wink:

Now that would make Armin angry :wink: