how to use qnx on ARM?

Is there any paper about using QNX on ARM?Should I buy special BSP for ARM?BTW I use qnx6.3

If you have PE license you have free access to all BSPs.

  1. Look to the list of BSPs for ARM-based boards and choose one.
  2. Buy this one.
  3. Build an image for your system.
  4. Next step is to JTAG the image to your board.
    :slight_smile: So simple! I’m joking.

Actually, even if you don’t have a PE license you have free access to BSP’s.

Since we opened up our source, it is now possible to take our gcc mods, build your own command line tools, and compile the BSP’s (available on Foundry27).

Of course, we sincerely believe that our tools offer significant value to commercial entities since the engineering time savings inherent in using our tools vs. using command line gcc/gdb, far exceed what we charge. If you are a Partner, Academic, or Hobbyist; you can download PE for free anyway, so it isn’t an issue at all for non-commercial entities.

No buying! BSPs are free!

No joke. It really is quite simple (yeah, not as simple as you said, but not rocket science :slight_smile:

Depends on the BSP. IMO the iMX.31 BSP is rather incomplete.

Sure, you can get it running on the Freescale ADS development board fairly easy using Redboot but it doesn’t come with any IPL source. You’re on your own with that.

The pxa BSPs are more complete.

I want the detailed paper,where can I get it?

I meant he should buy the board he choose. :slight_smile:

Your right. I still not use to live with new rules. :slight_smile:

Sometimes it is. :frowning: See comments from kwschumm.